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How to Apply Pumpkin DecalsRead All Instructions First

Step 1 Clean Pumpkin off with a little water and let dry completely.

Step 2 Peel off paper backing of Pumpkin Decal and center Pumpkin Decal on Pumpkin but do not press all the way down. In order to apply the Pumpkin Decal to the curved Pumpkin surface you must leave several wrinkles around the Pumpkin in order to cut the wrinkles and tuck the extra vinyl under (hiding the wrinkle). For example if you just press the Pumpkin Decal to the Pumpkin without making a cut you will end up with a poor wrinkled image on the Pumpkin.

Step 3 To further explain where to leave wrinkles you must start by pressing the Pumpkin Decal down at the top and middle and work your way out and down leaving wrinkles in certain areas that keep the image proportional and aligned. It is fine if there are wrinkles in the tape after you are done you just have to carefully remove the tape without letting the Pumpkin Decal lift off the pumpkin because it will want to lift off where the wrinkles are. Leave the wrinkles.

Step 4 After you got the tape off and the Pumpkin Decal is on the pumpkin with wrinkles now make a cut into the wrinkle and fold the extra vinyl under. Depending on the complexity of the image this might take a few cuts or hundreds of cuts but it takes practice to get it right. If you could watch a video on how to do it you could probably learn much quicker but I haven’t had the time to upload a video yet. Check our website for more Pumpkin Decals! http://www.pumpkindecals.com/